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Texel Survey Online Winner

Texel Member John Douglas of the Airies Flock was the lucky winner pulled from the hat of returned online surveys.  John has won £100 worth of Texel Birth Notifications/Registrations.

The Society would like to thank John and all Members that took part in the survey for their support.  The Survey was open to all members using our online service and will form part of a wider survey later this year that will assist in developing future breeding strategies and Texel knowledge exchange programmes. 

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British judge set for Paris Show

A British Texel breeder has been invited to judge the Texel classes at this month’s world famous Salon Internaional l’agriculture (SIA), better known as Paris Show, following recent exports of British Texels to the Continent.

Carmarthen, Wales-based breeder John Eirian Davies of the Teilo flock will be  following in the footsteps of Tom Redman, Alan Draper and Steve Williams when he places the Texel classes as one of a panel of judges to adjudicate the Texel classes when they take place at the event on Sunday 28 February.

Classes will include those for rams and ewes, with these split by age and also specific classes for carcass traits and wool quality.

Commenting on the decision of the organisers to invite a British judge Texel Sheep Society chief executive John Yates said it was a mark of the respect French breeders had gained for British Texel genetics in recent years. “An increasing number of exports of British Texel genetics to France and the wider European Continent in recent years, including Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Italy, have cemented British Texels firmly in the minds of Continental breeders.

“Leading French breeders have been prominent in buying British Texels in recent years, including a ram lamb exported from the Teilo flock in 2015. In 2014 the British Texel Society through, the Royal Highland Show, invited French breeder Yves Lacroix be the first French Texel judge to adjudicate at this prestigious national event and the invitation for John Eirian to judge in Paris is a further sign of the knowledge exchange between the two countries.”

Mr Davies, who combines running the Teilo flock with his role as a director of BJP (Marts) Ltd, said it was an honour and a privilege to be asked to judge at SIA. “To be invited to place the Texels at SIA is a unique achievement for me and one I am extremely proud of. I’m looking forward to seeing how recent British Texel exports have influenced the breed in France and hope to see some quality sheep on display.

“I believe the French style of showing and judging is somewhat different to what I’m used at home, but I’m sure it will be a great learning experience and an enjoyable one too.”

Mr Yates added that last year’s SIA saw a number of Texels sired by British rams among the top prizes.  “French breeders have made judicious use of British Texel genetics to help increase the genetic diversity, with particular focus on increasing growth and lean meat yield, in their flocks and the success of these sheep at SIA is great to see.”

The Society is delighted once again to support AHDB Beef and Lamb’s Remi Fourier in the excellent work carried out by his marketing team promoting English lamb to the French public, added Mr Yates.


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RamCompare was launched in May 2015, the UK’s first commercial progeny test and will run over two breeding seasons until 2017.

Around 6,000 slaughter lambs will have weights and carcase information recorded to identify which rams have the most profitable genes for commercial sheep production. For the first time there will be a direct comparison between the commercial performances of rams from five terminal sire breeds. Click here for more information.

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NADIS - Parasite Forecast and Disease Alert - February 2016

Chronic Liver Fluke in Cattle and Sheep, Calf Scours, Sheep Scab and Watery Mouth – the NADIS February Webinars.

February webinars are out now - click here to view.

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Westpoint Veterinary Group - Winter Sheep Meeting near Ashbourne

Westpoint Veterinary Group - Winter Sheep Meeting near Ashbourne

We will be holding the second of our sheep meetings in the following weeks. This meeting will be of a similar ilk to the first with small group discussions around a variety of stations. We will be covering topics including – neonatal lamb care and so lambing techniques including intra-peritoneal injections and stomach tubing; ewe nutrition – targeting twin lamb disease early to ensure that you get the most out of your ewes; and looking into fluke management on farm  - going further than just the right treatment.

Supper will be provided. Meeting is open to anyone and so please do get in touch if you’d like to book a place,

  •           Date: Wednesday 3rd February 2016
  •           Time: 4-6 pm
  •           Location: San-Fari-Ann, Sudbury, Ashbourne, DE6 5HX


Please contact 01335 361420 for more information and to book your place.

Many thanks

Best wishes,


Nicky Robinson

Westpoint Veterinary Services (Ashbourne)
Unit D, Ednaston Business Centre
Hollington Road, Ednaston, Ashbourne
Derbyshire DE6 3AE

Mobile: +44 (0) 7872 840355
Work: +44 (0) 1335 361420

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NADIS - Parasite Forecast and Disease Alert - January 2016

Worm control in lambs, lice in cattle and sheep, liver fluke in cattle and sheep – NADIS January Webinars.

January webinars are out now - click here to view.

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NADIS - Parasite Forecast and Disease Alert - December

Worms and Lice in sheep, Liver Fluke, SARA and Twin Lamb Disease – NADIS December Webinars

December webinars are out now - click here to view


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Texel breeders raise more than £6000 for charity

Members and friends of the British Texel Sheep Society have raised more than £6000 for the Society’s chosen charity for 2015, the Youth Cancer Trust. Much of the money was raised as a result of Society director Graham Hill of the Rolle flock, Clinton Devon Estates, Sidmouth, Devon, undertaking four punishing runs this autumn.

Mr Hill ran the Dambusters half marathon in Northern Ireland on 22 August, followed by the 8.7 mile Ben Nevis Fell Run on 5 September and then took on the 17 mile Exmoor Stagger on 18 October before tacking the Snowdonia Marathon on 24 October.

Running a total of 65 miles across the four events Mr Hill faced 45 miles of mountain running within that total and for the Ben Nevis Fell Run had a two hour deadline to reach the 4419ft summit of Scotland’s highest peak before coming down the mountain again.

Alongside this Society members used this summers series of specialist NSA sheep events to raise funds through a variety of means, including stockjudging and guess the weight competitions. Money was also raised at the Society’s recent AGM through a sealed envelope raffle.

Outgoing Texel Sheep Society chairman Henry Gamble thanked the membership for their support of such a worthwhile charity and paid special tribute to Mr Hill for his outstanding efforts. “I can’t praise Graham enough for taking on this challenge, these were long distance runs in tough conditions and certainly not something many of us would want to consider!

“Cancer is a disease which touches the lives of us all in some way, both young and old, but is particularly hard to see young people with their lives in front of them struck down with this horrible disease. Every single donation from Society members and friends will help make a difference to the lives of young people battling against cancer and that is something everyone can appreciate in some way,” he said.

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Texel Society continues to support youth and research

The Texel Society’s vision of developing the breed for the future continues to drive many of its initiatives, including the ever growing youth development programme (YDP) and the wide ranging research being undertaken on the Society’s behalf, not to mention supporting the largest collaborative breeding group in the UK, says Society chief executive John Yates.

Central to the YDP is helping our young breeders understand more about the future of the sheep industry and the latest breeding technologies and initiatives from across the UK and further afield. As part of this continued educational drive the Society is this year once again supporting a number of young breeders who are attending the Sheep Breeders Round Table conference in November.

“Alongside this the Society continues to support the next generation of sheep farmers with four educational awards every year at leading colleges and universities across the UK. These awards, now in their third year, see a student at each college or university awarded a £250 prize for the student who has excelled in sheep related studies each year,” he explains.

“On the research front the Society is once again at the forefront of the industry, with its ground breaking genomics project investigating the genetic element to mastitis incidence in meat sheep. The long-term aim of this project is to identify those genes associated with mastitis incidence in the breed and develop both EBVS and genomic EBVs for mastitis resistance,” says Mr Yates.

“Alongside this work on mastitis the Society is also building on previous work on footrot in the breed, with further genomic studies on the genes influencing resistance to this troublesome disease. This new work is building on existing research which has already found that there are some genomic regions which confer greater footrot susceptibility.”

Mr Yates adds that a recent study in collaboration with SRUC used CT analysis of more than  200 Texel-sired lambs suggests that Texel sires with a higher lean meat percentage produce crossbred lambs with higher values for this trait as measured by CT pre-slaughter. “Favourable relationships with other carcass traits, such as killing out percentage, fatness and gigot muscularity have also been observed in lambs in the trial.

“Despite the rams used in the trial all carrying high EBV values, there was still enough genetic variation in the selected sires for the traits of interest to see differences emerging in their crossbred offspring,” he adds.

This study epitomises Texel breeders’ benevolence in their appetite to support research programmes, said Mr Yates. “The Society’s vision to support youth, provide opportunity and drive research within the breed is sure to help produce just rewards for our future farmers, benefiting members at a breed level and all that have come to rely on the Texel breed within their commercial enterprises.”


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NADIS - Parasite Forecast and Disease Alert - November

Liver fluke forecast plus Worms in Cattle and Sheep, Winter treatment for cattle, Sole Ulcers and Toxoplasmosis – NADIS November Webinars

November webinars are out now - click here to view

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